The International Institute of Islamic Thought
London Office, UK

lectures 2008

  The IIIT Lecture Series is jointly organised by IIIT London Office
and The City Circle.
    Venue*: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place
(off Edgeware Road), London. W1H 4LP.
Time: 6:45pm

1 Dr. Jeremy Henzell-Thomas A Creative Minority for Spiritual and Social Renewal: The Challenge for Muslims in Britain Today 13 Mar. 2009 Abrar House
2 Dr. Jasser Auda Is Today's UK a 'Land of Islam'? What is the 'Land of Islam'? 1 May 2009 Abrar House
3 Prof. Muhammad Abdel Haleem Translating the Qur'an into English: A Brief History and Important Issues 7 Aug. 2009 Abrar House
4 Dr. Riad Nourallah Islam: The Diplomatic Frontier 13 Nov. 2009 Abrar House
5 Dr. Bassam Saeh The Language of the Qur'an, Is It Miraculous? A New Reading 11 Dec. 2009 Abrar House
6 Dr. Anas Al-Shaikh-Ali, CBE Islamophobic Discourse Masquerading as Art and Literature T.B.A. Abrar House
1 Dr. Gasser Auda Maqasid al-Shariah and Community Issues 16 May 2008 Abrar House
2 Prof. Yasir Suleiman Arab Educational Reform between Authenticity and Modernisation 23 May 2008 Abrar House
3 Dr. Mehmet Asutay Is 'Islamic Finance' Really Islamic? Maqasid al-Shariah and finance 30 May 2008 Abrar House
4 Dr. Abdelwahab el-Affendi Who Needs an Islamic State? 6 Jun. 2008 Abrar House
5 Prof. Yahya Michot Muslims Under Non-Muslim Rule - A Classical Fatwa 18 Jul. 2008 Abrar House
6 Dr. Muhammed Mestiri Reform, Shariah and Radicalisation in Contemporary Islamic Thought 31 Oct. 2008 Abrar House
7 Dr. Mohammad Siddique Seddon Minority Muslims in the West: Some Theological and Civilisational Considerations 14 Nov. 2008 Abrar House
* Usual venue is Abrar House London, except where indicated in the lecture schedule above. Some lectures are repeated at other venues.


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